From Sister's Jessie Westwood & Georgia Westwood

SOROR: An Association Or A Society Of Women, From Latin Soror, Sister.

We are the sister company (quite literally) of STUDIO SORORES specialising in full planning, design & flowers. We evoke true luxury in a thoroughly modern and tangible way. We are widely regarded not only for our creativity and commitment to creating unique experiences and design, but for our ability to put our clients needs first at all times.

SORORES FLOWERS is led by Creative Director, Georgia Westwood. Georgia has brought a refreshing approach to the UK floristry scene, turning away from traditional styles and creating abundantly beautiful designs inspired by the imperfections that nature so effortlessly creates.  Each design has it’s own fluidity and natural movement and we work hard to source the best flowers both locally and all over the world, bringing you the highest quality and personality to displays. 

Creating large scale installations, beautiful floral tablescapes and out of this world bouquets, Georgia heads up a team who bring a unique quality to each design, constantly experimenting with with new techniques and ingredients. 

"Working with nature will continue to challenge and inspire me every day. Good design ensures that not only you receive the best quality but also that it is authentically you. No piece should ever be the same and should be original as you are."


Georgia x